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MyWeighMaster – Fishing Club Management Software

"Unlock the Waters: Elevate Your Fishing Club with Seamless Management"

Your Fishing Input ---> Our Fishing AI Engine ---> Your Enhanced Story and Experience

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My Weigh Master is for Fishing Clubs, Fishing Tournaments, and Fishermen!



 Fishing clubs can use My Weigh Master to track Monthly Catches, Annual Challenges, Club Fishing Points, and Just-In-Time Fishing Tournament Results!



 My Weigh Master is an inclusive fishing club and tournament tracker allowing your club’s fishing enthusiasts easy access to register and log their fish for bragging rights!



 My Weight Master’s goal is to promote the growth of the sport by allowing fishing clubs an easy means of tracking club and tournament participation…and allowing fishermen an easy way to connect, compete, and communicate their fishing tails (yes…I said Tail not Tale)…

Detailed Club Ponts Solution

Elevate Your Club or Tournament

Tournament Features

  • Seamless Website Integration

    Add live scoring hassle-free to your online fishing tournament website.

  • On-Line Registration

    Enable participants to register for the tournament digitally using either a credit card or check payment method. Additionally, streamline the process by automatically populating member weigh slips.

  • Unlimited Weigh-In Locations

    Our cloud-based database facilitates multiple real-time weigh-in stations and allows for several administrators to access it concurrently.

Club Features

  • Seamless Club Website Integration

    Integrate hassle-free live club scoring directly into your fishing club website, whether you're using WildApricot or WordPress or HTML.

  • Unlimited Access

    Empower your club admins to collaborate as a team by assigning tasks and responsibilities. Grant access to your entire club, enabling them to utilize and contribute to the club's data.

  • Ownership

    Your club maintains ownership and full access to all its data, with the capability to upload, download, and backup data as needed.

Club Resource - Online Virtual Captain

You Club give your club members access to the Weigh Master virtual fishing captain

Welcome to Your Virtual Fishing Captain’s Domain

Are you ready for the ultimate fishing adventure without leaving the comfort of your home? Look no further! Meet your virtual fishing captain, the seasoned expert who will guide you on virtual fishing trips like you’ve never experienced before


Experience Fishing Like Never Before

Our virtual fishing captain brings decades of real-world fishing experience to the digital realm. With a deep passion for angling, they’ve scoured the world’s most scenic and bountiful waters, and now they’re here to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

What Your Virtual Fishing Captain Offers:

Expert Tips and Techniques

Fishing locations

Interactive Learning

Community and Camaraderie

Conservation and Responsible Fishing

Get Hooked on Virtual Fishing Today!

Whether you’re looking to reel in trophy catches or simply enjoy the serenity of the water, your virtual fishing captain is your gateway to a world of angling excitement. So, bait your hook, cast your line, and get ready for unforgettable fishing adventures with your trusted virtual fishing captain.

Welcome aboard!

All-in One On-Line Scoring Tool

Your Gateway to Digital Live Fishing Tournaments

Are you ready to take your fishing Tournament to the next level? Look no further! At My Weigh Master, we’re redefining the way anglers compete and connect through our cutting-edge digital live fishing tournaments.

Live Fishing Tournaments Tool

Real-Time Scoring

Interactive Challenges

Community and Camaraderie

Live Streaming and Commentary

Join the Future of Fishing Competitions

My Weigh Master is your gateway to a new era of fishing tournaments, where geographical boundaries no longer limit your competition opportunities. Dive into the world of digital live fishing tournaments, perfect your angling skills, and connect with a global community of fellow fishing enthusiasts.

Club Resource - Online Virtual Culinary Chef

You Club give your club members access explore the Culinary Magic of Your Virtual Fishing Master Chef

Experience the Fusion of Fishing and Culinary Expertise

Our virtual fishing master chef is not your typical angler; they’re a culinary virtuoso with a profound passion for creating mouthwatering dishes from the bounties of the sea and fresh catches of the day. Prepare to be inspired and amazed as you delve into the delectable world of seafood cuisine.


What Your Virtual Fishing Master Chef Offers:

Creative Seafood Recipes

Pairing Expertise

Culinary Community

Sustainability and Responsibility

Dive into the World of Culinary Excellence


Prepare to savor the freshest catches, unravel the mysteries of seafood cuisine, and let your virtual fishing master chef guide you to culinary mastery. Join us on this epicurean voyage where fishing meets fine dining, and experience the joy of creating exquisite seafood dishes like a true culinary artist.

Bon appétit and tight lines!

Fish Help Desk - Menu only available for free Registered Users

24/7 On-Line Fishing Help Desk

As a subscriber you have access to our anytime online support

Imagine having 5000 knowledgeable and experienced fishing charter captains always available to assist you in all aspects of fishing. Whether you're looking for advice on where to fish, what the best bait to use is, or how long your leader should be, your options are limitless. With our comprehensive and extensive knowledge base, we have all the answers you need for an exceptional fishing experience. We are always ready to offer recommendations, tips and tricks, and helpful advice to make sure you have the most successful excursion possible. Trust us to guide you in all your fishing ventures and feel the confidence of having a team of professionals standing by to help you whenever you need it!

24/7 On-Line Culinary Help Desk

As a subscriber you have access to our anytime online support

At our culinary support center, we go above and beyond to cater to our esteemed clients on their quest to prepare the perfect catch. Our experienced team is readily available to offer you unlimited access to expert advice on all aspects of preparing and prepping your catch. Our professional guides will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to get the most out of your ingredients, including the appropriate seasoning blends, cooking techniques, and wine pairing recommendations. We understand that food preparation can be an intricate and sometimes daunting task, and that is why we are committed to making the process as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Whether you're an experienced chef looking to fine-tune your craft or a novice looking to learn a few new tricks, our culinary support program is tailored to meet your diverse needs and help you succeed in the kitchen. So, why not join us today and take advantage of our exceptional culinary expertise and support services!